The Drink Of A Generation: Craft Beer On The Rise

CPG, FMCG & Retail | 12-06-2018

A hot summer has sparked a rise in sales for both beer and wine in New Zealand. Over the 16 weeks to 25 February 2018, beer generated almost $379.3 million in sales across supermarkets and liquor stores - an increase of 6.3% ($21.3 million) on last summer. In the same period, wine recorded an additional $5.2 million, bringing the total category value to $354.3 million (up 1.5% versus previous year).

Festive Kiwis spent big in the lead up to Christmas and New Years, with $123.9 million in beer sales and $36.7 million in wine sales generated in the four weeks to 31 December 2017.

Craft beer was the main growth driver for beer this summer, with these ‘hipster’ brands becoming increasingly popular among New Zealanders. Almost half a million Kiwis now call craft beer their preferred drink - an increase of 18% in the last year.

Across supermarkets and liquor stores, premium beers (including premium craft, regular and sub-premium) generated sales amounting to $243.1 million over summer with a total dollar growth of 8.7%. Among premium beers, craft beer was the shining star, contributing more than a quarter of total beer sales and recording the fastest dollar growth rate compared to last year. In the summer period, craft beer was valued at $59.9 million across both supermarkets and liquor stores, an increase of 10.8% or $5.7 million dollars compared to the same period a year ago.

Almost half a million Kiwis now call craft beer their preferred drink - an increase of 18% in the last year.


Understanding the craft beer enthusiast is vital for both new and established brewers alike. Almost half of these drinkers are in their twenties or thirties and more than a third are millennials. Craft drinkers have a higher than average personal income and tend to be male (almost two-thirds). The majority live in major metropolitan areas.


Craft beer drinkers are a unique mix of foodie and fitness - they are more likely to frequent cafés, bars or the gym. They’re into new types of food and willing to pay for it, while still being concerned about sugar content, general health and fitness.

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